The charm of small towns and villages such as El Quelite...


  Like to leave the asphalt for some dirt?

Here's the best way to become one with the "land" of Mazatlan. Take your choice from three levels of skills. Each tour incudes an experienced guide,  your bike, and safety helmet.

We offer FOUR ways you can bike in Mazatlan...

Levels A and B are on dirt roads and paths around a natural preserve... a protected area to safeguard the wildlife of Mazatlan. We are in one of the largest "dry tropical forests" in Mexico. 

Level A gives you biking on even surfaces. Level B allows you to climb to the top or what they call "Piedrera," the head of the protected wildlife area. A little tougher going up...great fun going down!

These tours include fresh fruit, sodas, cold bottled water, and an English speaking guide who will share information about the sights you are enjoying. Levels A and B are approximately 4 hours in duration.

Price:  $59 per person for either tour.


Level C is for distance riders. This tour is partially on paved and unpaved roads but gives you mileage, approximately 96 kilometers round trip. You will visit the quaint town of El Quelite passing through many small villages along the way. This tour includes lunch, sodas, cold bottled water. There are rest stops along the way in some of the small villages.

Tour duration  is approximately 7 hours.

Price: $110 per person, including lunch



Rent your own mountain bike for a 24-hour period and go where you want when you want. We will deliver your bikes to your hotel and provide a helmet and a lock. The bikes are clean, washed and ready to go. How EXTREME you get is up to you!

Price: $45 per person per day.




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