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MazInfo Forum and Mailing List

Registration is required (although free) and posted
messages are sent by email to all list members. Great
for those who don't remember to go to a web site to
check for message updates. This list is more
informational in nature about events, things to see and
do and reviews on restaurants, etc.

The list has a large archive of past messages that is
searchable by keywords. If you prefer not receiving emails
you can view it the same as a web-based forum and even order 
the messages by date or view by threads. It is at Click on the link
that says "Join this Group." Or use the form below.

P.S. We do not retain your email address. It goes directly to
YahooGroups. You can check their privacy policies, but
joining the list does not mean you'll receive an increase in spam
or that Yahoo uses your address in any other way.

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