FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


How can we reach you?

Telephone: (US and Canada) – Mazatlan office – 011-52-669-914-1444 or toll free from US –011-866-438-7097, Park (November to April) – 669-981-9389

Internet: or

Web Sites: - Click on Accommodations and look for: Stone Island Tres Amigos RV Park, or go to

Do we need to make a reservation?

No but we advise you to. You can also call us in advance and we can review options. Reservations are required to guarantee a site!

Can we make a reservation on Internet?

Yes! Just send us your itinerary (planned arrival and departure dates) and we will get back to discuss availability of sites and options. Once you commit to make a reservation, we will take your deposit and confirm your reservation via Internet.

What are your Rates?

RV Site Fees... 2009/20010 Season - Shop and Compare!
All Rates – Payable in USD/or Equivalent Pesos

Special - Discount Rates – minimum 4 and 3-month rentals

Row-1 – (Oceanfront):  4 or + Months... $475/month;

Row-2:  4 or + Months... $450/month

Row-3:  3 or + Months…$400/month;

 Row-4:  3 or + Months…$300/month

WiFi Internet: $15/month for rental period

Low - Regular Rates -- no minimum rental period:

Row-1 – (Oceanfront): $525/mth- $190/wk - $40/day;

Row-2: $500/mth - $185/wk - $38/day

Row-3: $450/mth- $150/wk - $34/day;

Row-4: $350/mth - $140/wk - $30/day

WiFi Internet: $20/month $15/week, $5/day

All rates are subject to change without notice

How much is a deposit and how can we pay?

For 1 or more months, 1 month’s rent is required. The remainder of the rental fee is due upon arrival.  For shorter periods, e.g. 1 week or several days, the Deposit will be the full rental fee. Deposits can be made by Visa, MasterCard or PayPal – your choice.

What are your reservation conditions?

All prices are listed in US dollars. Payment can be made in USD or Pesos. A minimum of 1 months rent is required for a deposit. For rental periods less than 1 month, the total rent is due. Deposits can be made in cash, Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal. The total balance of fees (if any) for the rental period is due upon arrival. Guests can request a reservation extension; change, but not reduce, their reservation period; change sites (if available - no guarantee); or, cancel the reservation prior to September 1st of the year of their booked arrival date, without loosing their total deposit. If cancelled before September 1st, a cancellation fee of 10 % USD will apply + any refund costs. Refunds can only be done by credit to your Credit Card or PayPal account. No refunds after September 1. Guests must notify Tres Amigos RV Park of a late arrival. In the case of a late arrival notification, the original reserved start date will apply. A "NO SHOW" without notice will be treated as a cancellation and the site will be opened for rental without notice or deposit refund.

How many sites do you have?

We have 2 Park areas. In Park-1 we have 19 sites. In Park-2 we have 40 sites. Each site is at least 20 x 40 ft.  

Do the sites have cement pads?

Sites in Park–1 have cement pads; sites in Park-2 have pea gravel (“pea gravel” is very small rounded stones – you can walk on with bare feet and clean and rake easily).

What services are provided at each site?

Each site has electric hookups (50 or 30 and 15 Amp), sewer and potable water. We only have a few 50 to 30 Amp adapters so it would be wise to purchase one.

What is the rate for electrical? Is the electricity reliable?

Currently we charge $0.1154 USD or Peso equivalent per Kwh. All sites are metered. If your RV has 30 amps we advise bringing a 50/30 reducer/adapter available at Wal-Mart or RV stores. Our RV Park has all modern electrical transformers, wiring and hookups and reliable current.

Is the water pressurized and potable?

The water is piped from Mazatlan. It is potable and delivered at low pressure. We re-pressurize to max. 50 psi so you don’t have to use your RV pumps. We also have daily delivery of potable/reverse osmosis 5 gal water bottles – currently 10 Pesos.

Are the palms; coconut palms if so could coconuts fall on our site?

We cut back the flowers on each coconut tree in the Parks so they do not produce fruit/coconuts. There is no danger of falling coconuts.

Where is Stone Island?

Stone Island is actually a Peninsula across the harbor from Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico. We are located 15 miles by road, south of Mazatlan – take Hwy 15 to the Mazatlan Airport turnoff then take the road towards the airport. You will turn off just before the airport and go towards Estrala del mar – from there follow the signs to Isla de la Piedra. It is about 8 miles from there on a gravel road – follow signs to Tres Amigos RV Park.

Are there water taxis to take you across the harbor?

There are 2 water Taxies services. Both taxis bring you to Mazatlan and other public transportation (a ten minute ride). 1- Taxi runs 24 hours a day and fares are very low. These taxies are mainly for passengers and their belongings including groceries etc. Bicycles are also allowed.

How is the beach and swimming?  

Our beach is very safe for swimming compared to other locations in Mazatlan. The bottom is sand – no rocks! Lifeguards monitor the beach.

Do you have Internet/WiFi?

Yes and it works well even in your RV unit. The service is optional.

Are there tours available on the Isla and in Mazatlan?

Yes there are many tour companies. Our sister company “King David Tours” offers some of the best tours in Mazatlan see; Tours can be arranged right from the RV Park.

Do you have much breeze from the ocean?

There is an on shore breeze during the day and an off shore breeze at night. The breezes are not normally moderate, just right to keep it cool during hot days.

Are there vendors on the beach and if so are they a bother?

Vendors are present most days but tend to concentrate on the local restaurants where tourists gather. We do not allow them in the park unless invited.

We have guests who want to visit us while we are there. Are there other accommodations on the Isla?

Yes there is. There are many small houses for rent. You would need to explore availability and locations when you get here. As well there is an excellent modern hotel by the Ocean. You can contact Stone Island Gardens and ask for Gary & Anna Hayden -


Does Mazatlan have an airport?

Yes it’s an international airport with daily flights from Canada and the US. The airport is easily accessible from the Isla. Transportation is available.


Are pets welcome?
Yes. In the Park leashes are required off your site and you must pick up any messes. There are plenty of places outside the Park to walk or let your pets run free. 

Do you charge for any services?

Most services (i.e. sewer, water, washrooms and showers are included in your rental rate. Electrical is extra (see previous note). WiFi high speed Internet is optional, available for a modest fee.

Are there Laundry Services in the Park?

There are several Islanders in close proximity to the Park who do laundry with reasonable rates. They can pick up and deliver to the Park.

What other services are available on the Island?

There are: churches, medical clinic, restaurants, fruits and vegetables (delivered to the Park daily), corner stores, pay phones, fish market, police services, taxis, horse riding, snorkeling, banana boat rides, auto mechanics, welding, pharmacy, tortilla factory, and much more.



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