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Mazatlan’s oldest pharmacy (since 1901) is also one of Mazatlan’s most complete and convenient…especially for travelers.

Centrally located across from the main market, the pharmacy is easy to find. Just give the name to any taxi driver and they’ll bring you here in minutes from anywhere in Mazatlan.

Botica del Carmen is open daily (363 days a year only closing on Christmas Day and January 1st) so this is where you can count on help for traveler’s medical troubles.

“Botica” means “drugstore” and here you’ll be able to fill your prescription drugs as well as find vitamins, herbs, plants, oils, balsams and natural healing aids. You can ask the experienced staff for suggestions on what items you need to handle certain ailments.

In addition to their large selection of prescription drugs and natural healing aids, they also have a clinic that offers consultations. Botica del Carmen also sells popular perfumes, dyes for clothes and shoes, and certain chemicals such as acids and oils hard to find in typical pharmacies.


No appointment is necessary. The receptionist will fit you in as soon as possible to meet with the doctor best suited to your needs. 

Consultations for general medical problems start at 60 pesos for a visit. Free blood pressure checks while you’re waiting!

Medical Services of Clinica del Dr. Alcalá:

  • Dr. Jose Carlos Alcala Dominquez
    General Practice, General Surgeon, Gynecology and children’s diseases.
  • Dr. S. Alberto Castillo Mayorquin
    Trauma Specialist, Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
  • Dr. Luis Raul Ochoa Garcia
    General Dentistry
  • Dr. Maria Silvia Ochoa Garcia
    General Dentistry

Francisco S. Alcalá Dominguez
Botica Del Carmen Aquiles Serdán 1710,
Centro (across from main market)
Phone: 982-2212

Open Daily: 8:30 am to 8:00 pm, Sundays 9 am – 2 pm

copyright 2006, Botica del Carmen

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